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Q14. What are the changes proposed by the Database Management Committee (DMC)?

02 Nov 2021

The DMC has set forward an urgent proposal for amendment of the IAF Database Principles, to create a sustainable financial structure and realise the significant benefits of a global digital database.
After investigating a range of options the DMC has put forward the most viable option to communicate and consult with IAF members. This option is based on a mandatory database, with a new voluntary “user pays” model and a contractual link between CB’s and IAF, as well as an updated contract between QualityTrade and IAF Database LLC. This creates a sustainable financial model, tackles the concerns of CBs (regarding data ownership and security), and addresses the issue of an under populated database. The DMC and IAF Executive Committee considered this the most viable and desirable option for all stakeholders.
Other options were considered by the IAF Board and IAF Executive Committee; including, disbanding IAF CertSearch, which could result in loss of reputation, pose a financial risk and cause strategic damage and/or changing IAF’s IT partner, which would create a financial risk for IAF and result in breaking a positive relationship with QualityTrade.  Moreover, IAF does not have funds to develop a database with another provider. These options were not considered viable.