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Q17. What evidence exists to show demand for the user-pays services?

02 Nov 2021

The DMC is undertaking a market research study to understand the demand and potential price points for the two user-pays services (analytical service and verification service). This data will be used to adjust the financial business case and will be presented as part of the final proposal to IAF members for review in 2022.  
This is the initial market research summary. Research is continuing throughout the first half of 2022:


Certification Bodies

  • Survey sent to 2,000 CBs
  • 85 Certification bodies responded
  • 73% of CBs indicated that the analytics would be a valuable tool for their business
  • 70% of CBs indicated they would pay for the services
  • 100% of Multinational Certification Bodies interviewed indicated they would subscribe to the paid services.


  • 53 Verifiers (User community) were interviewed
  • 68% of verifiers said they’d be happy to pay for verification after a free quote (100 verifications)
  • 73% of verifiers said they would be happy to pay for advanced technical features such as the watch list and alert process
  • 75% of verifiers said they would only need to verify less than 100 certificates pa, therefore the remaining 25% of verifiers (typically larger companies) would be the users who would need to subscribe to the paid verifications