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Q2. How does it work?

02 Nov 2021

IAF CertSearch is a tool that a user can use to validate the legitimacy of an accredited certification. The user will type in either the company name or certificate identification into the search bar. If the user knows the company name, they will be directed to the company page where they can see all certifications that company holds. If they wish to validate an individual certificate they can click on the certificate where they can see the certificate details including Standard, Scope, Status (no dates are shown), Certification Body and Accreditation Body. In cases where they type in the certificate identification number into the search bar they will be taken directly to that certification page. 
The Certified Entity will have a profile page, as will the Accreditation Body and Certification Body. It is only possible to validate a certification if the user knows either the Certified Entity name or certificate identification number. No user is able to download or view a list of certifications issued by a Certification Body. A user will be able to search and validate up to 5 certifications per day and 20 per day if they have created an account and identified themselves. The database is solely designed to validate individual certifications. It is also not possible to search for products or services of certified entities via IAF CertSearch as it does include this data. 
In order for the IAF CertSearch database to operate it needs to receive data from all stakeholders. 

  • IAF provides data on IAF Accreditation Bodies and their Scopes;
  • Accreditation Bodies provide data on their Certification Bodies and their scopes;
  • Certification Bodies provide data on the certified entities and their certifications.

  • IAF CertSearch will include a list of Accreditation Body members and active Certification Bodies. 

  • Users can search for a Certification Body or Accreditation Body, view their profile and make contact via a contact form.