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Q23. What are the proposed contractual arrangements?

02 Nov 2021

As highlighted above the new business model has back-to-back contractual arrangements between CBs, ABs, IAF Database LLC and QualityTrade. These agreements are summarised in as follows:







 Operation and Maintenance of the IAF Global Database of Accredited Certifications IAF Database LLC and QualityTrade



Key agreement for development and maintenance of IAF Certsearch including QualityTrade obligations, IAF Database LLC obligations, restriction over data use, data privacy, security and management, financial arrangements, Intellectual Property Rights termination, liability, indemnity, and insurance


Data Management Agreement IAF Database LLC and CBs or ABs Obligations and liabilities for data uploading, security, management and liability, and ownership


User Agreement Statement IAF Database LLC and users of IAF Certsearch website Standard terms and conditions for appropriate use of IAF Certsearch website

Standard privacy controls for users of IAF Certsearch website

Financial Terms and terms of usage of the paid-for Analytical Services and Verification Services