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Q24. What are the key features of these proposed agreements?

02 Nov 2021

The key features of these back-to-back agreements include:

  • – IAF, through its subsidiary IAF Database LLC, owns IAF CertSearch and the IPR relating to it (excluding the IPR for coding of IAF CertSearch).
  • – All CB and certified entity data shall remain the property of CBs. There is no transfer of ownership of certified entity data.
  • – No data is transferred outside the EU, the server is based in Frankfurt, Germany
  • – All derivative aggregated and anonymised works created from CB and certified entity data, including anonymized analytics will be the property of IAF Database LLC. 
  • – IAF Database LLC accepts responsibilities and liability for management of IAF CertSearch and CB data
  • – The DMC is central to governance of database and oversight of QualityTrade service provider, as indicated in the Governance Framework in the QualityTrade Service Agreement.
  •  – IAF will have full control over the data and IAF CertSearch through the Operation and Maintenance agreement
  • – Back-to-back liability, indemnity, and insurance arrangements will be in place between CBs or ABs and IAF Database LLC and QualityTrade.