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Q30. How can I give feedback about the changes to IAF CertSearch?

03 Nov 2021

The DMC is organising a comprehensive engagement program including the following elements.
Options Survey: This survey is a vital part of the process and includes 14 key questions on properties of IAF CertSearch, including funding, participation approach and user-pays services. It concludes with an options assessment which will guide the DMC’s final recommendations to the IAF Board. 
Consultation on IAF Database Principles: From the 14th of February, a 60-day consultation exercise will start to gather feedback on the proposed changes to the IAF CertSearch Principles (IAF DB PL1). These principles provide the governing framework on how the IAF Database is managed, including funding and participation requirements.
Feedback will be collated by the IAF Secretariat and will be considered by the DMC in the preparation of the final draft of the IAF CertSearch Principles, which shall be presented to IAF members for a 30-day ballot starting the week commencing the 16th May. 
Supporting Documents: As we described at the November General Assembly the new proposed model for IAF CertSearch includes three new agreements and a supporting financial budget. All IAF members can give their feedback on these supporting documents for 30 days from the 14th of February within the IAF online Forum. 
Basis for Participation: The basis for participation within IAF CertSearch and technical requirements on ABs and CBs, including guidance on exemptions and sanctions, must be developed by the MLA Committee after the final ballot on the principles. Nevertheless, the DMC appreciates that IAF members will want to understand what the main proposals are prior to the final ballot. To support this, the MLA Chair will be working with the DMC to draft proposals for IAF members to view and give feedback on, within the IAF online Forum.