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Q43. What information is uploaded to IAF CertSearch?

03 Nov 2021

The minimum data requirements for the CertSearch database include:  

  • The certified entity name
  • Certified entity full address
  • Address of all additional certified sites
  • The certificate entity ID number (where CB can provide this)
  • The certificate ID number
  • The certificate issue date and expiry date
  • The certification status (Active, suspended or withdrawn)
  • The certification standard or scheme name,
  • Associated scope of certification granted to Certified Entity by Certification Body
  • IAF sector or other industry sectors 
  • Accreditation Body Name and Acronym

Important Note: Personal information is not required for IAF CertSearch and is restricted from being uploaded into IAF CertSearch, i.e., there are no contact names, email addresses or telephone details requested. The only overlap of personal information is where a sole proprietor shares their name with the certified entity. 
It is possible to see the level of information which is made displayed on IAF CertSearch by search for a business on www.iafcertsearch.org