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Q45. How can the data be uploaded?

03 Nov 2021

Data will be uploaded by the CB, or where a national AB maintains their own database, the data may be uploaded by the AB under arrangement with the CB.
There are four uploading options, two manual and two automated processes.
A video on the upload options can be accessed here.
Upload Options

  • Manual single entry
  • Manual file upload – xml and excel
  • Automated FTP – xml and excel (periodic every 24 hours)
  • Automated API

The upload process includes a data management protocol, where CBs can use either Field Mapping or Data Mapping, in cases where their fields or data is different to what is included in the database, so the CB system does not need to be adjusted.
There is also a dynamic error handling process for CBs which identifies and provides solutions for any issues. This is supported by a competent technical service provider who provides support to any CB in need of technical assistance.
There are currently hundreds of CBs uploading data all with different systems. There are currently 1176 CBs participating, which use the upload processes described above. This process works effectively for CBs who have varying operating systems whether small, medium or large CBs.
The following diagram shows the upload options: