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Q54. How is the certification translated into different languages?

03 Nov 2021

A CB can upload certificate information in any language. However to verify the certificate the public user will need to search for the company name in the language that was uploaded by the CB or the certificate number. The CB can also upload an “English Name” and a “Trading Name” and the users can type these names to find and verify the company’s certificate information also. 

IAF CertSearch uses translation technology where the user can select their language of choice. The translation tool will translate all text across the site including certification information to the nominated language. This greatly helps the CBs and ABs navigate the site and upload the information and also helps the verifiers use the site in their required language to verify certifications. However as above the Company Name is not translated and the user will need to locate the certificate by searching for the exact company name or certificate number that the CB has uploaded or the English or Trading Name if the CB has uploaded these fields.