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Merger of PAC and APLAC to form APAC
The Joint General Assembly endorses the recommendation of the Joint Executive Committee to recognise the APAC MRA when APAC is established on 1 January 2019, to allow the continued signatory status in the IAF MLA for all PAC MLA signatories and continued signatory status in the ILAC MRA for all APLAC MRA signatories. This recognition is conditional on the successful outcome of a series of evaluation activities. The evaluation activities will be managed and conducted by the JMC and will include a review of the APAC management documentation in late 2018 and an evaluation of the APAC Secretariat and the APAC MRA decision making process in 2019. A decision will be made following these activities on the recognition of the APAC MRA to the IAF MLA and ILAC MRA respectively and therefore the ongoing signatory status of the APAC MRA signatories to the IAF MLA and the ILAC MRA as applicable.   The full evaluation of APAC will be scheduled to commence in 2021.
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