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2021 WAD Contest Winners

Congratulations to the first place winners of the WAD 2021 poster contest: Irene González, Soledad Pacheco and Denise Díaz, who were awarded USD 1500.

Irene González, Soledad Pacheco and Denise Díaz have a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and broad experience in media, communication agencies and corporate communication departments in such diverse fields as energy, healthcare, agri-food, construction and hotel industry marketing. They are passionate for marketing and corporate communication, which has become their area of expertise.

What was your inspiration for your design and how does it illustrate this year’s theme?

Food safety or clean water statements, agricultural sustainability, the growing use of renewable energies, the control of industrial facilities or personal protective equipment, the evaluation of R&D+i projects or the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in industrial processes… these are just a few examples in which accreditation and accredited bodies work as a tool that supports the achievement of the SDGs since the accredited bodies have proven their technical competence to provide reliable results on evaluation and control activities (tests, inspection, certification, etc.).

Our inspiration to create this poster was to show the ability of accreditation and its international system as a robust enabler to support the achievement of sustainable development goals and, therefore, to help to change the world. Through its roots, trunk and branches (among which we find environment, healthcare, industry, energy or transport, among others), accreditation infrastructure tree provides confidence and safety about the status and the actual level of achievements of most of the 17 SDGs to Administration, companies, society.