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Q55. What are the features of the analytical service for CBs?

03 Nov 2021

CBs can access Analytics services. This is voluntary. The aggregated and anonymised analysis will be presented through a digital continuously updated portal showing infographics on metrics, such as, but not limited to:

  • Market size
  • Relative market share
  • Historical market share
  • Market / Relative growth
  • Market / Relative loss/gain trends

Analysis will span across all standards, all accreditation, location, sector and between two dates. CBs will be able view trend analysis for all of their certification, certified entities and certified sites to market trends. CBs will be able to adjust the dates of their analysis as historical data is obtained and see trends over the designated period based on weeks, months and years. CBs will also be able to filter data according to standard, accreditation, location (Global, Region, Country, State (where applicable).
This video demonstrates the analytic features CBs will receive in IAF CertSearch https://youtu.be/2LCGkkIgpwE