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What are the advantages of IAF Membership?

19 Apr 2021

IAF Membership offers several advantages for your organisation and your economy:

  • • The opportunity to become a signatory of the IAF MLA, thereby providing international recognition for your accredited bodies
  • • The opportunity to learn from, and interact with, experienced accreditation bodies to assist with the development of your system
  • • Interaction with other developing accreditation systems to share experiences and seek common solutions to problems
  • • The opportunity also to represent, and inform, your constituents on important matters in the international conformity assessment arena
  • • Participation in the IAF annual general assembly
  • • Participation in IAF committees covering policy matters, technical issues, promotion and marketing, certification representation and development support for new accreditation systems
  • • Access to the IAF intranet which provides access to the latest drafts of IAF documents (for comment and voting), a range of IAF resource material, and information from IAF committees