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What are the benefits of the MLA for regulators?

20 Apr 2021

The IAF MLA provides governments and regulatory agencies with a credible and robust framework on which to further develop and enhance government-to-government bilateral and multilateral international trade agreements.


It represents an internationally recognised ‘stamp of approval’ to demonstrate compliance against agreed standards and requirements. Consequently, risk is minimised, as decisions will be based on reliable conformity assessment results.


Many specifiers, such as government agencies, have recognised the importance of credible accreditation programs that are developed against internationally recognised standards. Accreditation and the IAF MLA help regulators meet their own legislated responsibilities by providing a globally recognised system to accept accredited certification, validation and verification.


The longer-term aim is the fully accepted use and recognition, by both public and private industries, of accredited certification and validation/verification, including certificates and validation/verification statements from other economies. In this way, the free-trade goal of “accredited once, accepted everywhere” will be realised.