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August 2023 Issue of IAF Outlook

30 Aug 2023

IAF has published the August 2023 issue of its newsletter, IAF Outlook.

This issue of IAF Outlook presents a rich tapestry of insights and advancements within the realm of conformity assessment and accreditation. From pivotal standards like the BRCGS Global Standards and ISO/IEC 17024 to the growing role of conformity assessment in promoting sustainability and circular economy practices, this issue captures the evolving landscape of quality assurance.


Amid the digital transformation, we explore how remote auditing methods are shaping the future of auditing with the under-development standard ISO/IEC 17012 and how technology is both challenging and enhancing our ability to detect fraudulent certifications. Beyond the technical sphere, we delve into the collaborative efforts of IAF and IAQG to elevate aerospace industry certification, the importance of ESG transparency bolstered by accredited conformity assessment and the expansion of IAF’s Multilateral Recognition Arrangement.


Regional achievements are highlighted as well, from enhancing food SMEs’ trade and quality in the Arab region to the role of ISO/IEC 17029 in Uruguay’s sustainable livestock sector. The issue concludes by spotlighting the UK’s new accreditation programme for management system certification in the nuclear supply chain, underscoring the continuous pursuit of excellence in diverse domains.


In a world of ever-evolving standards and practices, this issue of IAF Outlook paints a vivid picture of how accreditation and conformity assessment are driving innovation, sustainability, and safety across global industries.


View the issue here.