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December 2021 Issue of IAF Outlook

08 Dec 2021

IAF has published the December 2021 issue of its newsletter, IAF Outlook.

This issue includes a message from the new IAF Chair, Mr. Emanuele Riva, who assumed the role following the end of Mr. Xiao Jianhua’s second term in November 2021; updates from IAF committees’ 2021 annual meetings; and an overview of the new IAF website.


It also includes the results of the global IAF/ILAC/ISO survey on remote techniques for conformity assessment activities, a brief on the London Declaration announced by ISO leaders, and news on IAF Regional Accreditation Group Member SADCA’s new strategic orientations.


Finally, it includes the selected theme for World Accreditation Day 2022 and a link to the poster contest that IAF and ILAC are holding to develop the official World Accreditation Day 2022 poster.


This issue can be viewed here. We hope you enjoy this issue of IAF Outlook!