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FAMI-QS Signs Agreement of Cooperation with FQSI

19 Oct 2017

FAMI-QS has signed an agreement of cooperation with FQSI for delivery of their Surveillance Programme for Certification Bodies in Asia.

  • The Quality System for Feed Additives and Premixtures asbl (FAMI-QS), an IAF Association Member, has developed and implemented an independent integrity programme named: ‘Surveillance Programme for Certification Bodies’. It provides an assessment mechanism for the performance of Certification Bodies and auditors, and a feedback mechanism to support the development of all necessary capacity building tools and to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Within this framework, FAMI-QS has signed an agreement of cooperation with Food Quality Solutions International (FQSI). FQSI will further intensify and deliver the Surveillance Programme for Certification Bodies in Asia. Through this partnership, the number of integrity audits in Asia will increase along with training in the region.


“This cooperation with FAMI-QS further extends FQSI’s support for the feed industry, ensuring a robust implementation of the FAMI-QS feed safety standard, and in turn elevates the trust and credibility of the feed chain here in Asia and globally.” -Elvina Gregory, FQSI


“The FAMI-QS certificate encompasses the knowledge and experience of the Sector of Specialty Feed ingredients and it is a passport for the placing of those ingredients on the global market. Our partnership with FQSI is a part of our commitment to defend and promote feed safety related aspects of the global food and feed chain and to contribute to the sustainable supply of safe and affordable feed and food.” -Dr. Dieter Greissinger, FAMI-QS President


FQSI will initially perform witness audits to identify opportunities for improvement in the performance of the auditors from the Certification Bodies in China. Based on the outcome, FQSI will continually work with FAMI-QS to refine the current auditor competency development tools and enhance the integrity of the certification programme.

For more information, please see the FAMI-QS press release .

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