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IAF and IPC Renew MOU

28 Jun 2023

The International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the International Personnel Certification Association (IPC) are pleased to announce the renewal of their memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the recognition of the IPC Management System Auditors certification scheme as a sub-scope of the IAF Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA).


IPC Management System Auditors is the first person’s certification scheme ever to have achieved recognition under the IAF MLA, with the original MOU being signed in 2017. This renewal enables continued mutual recognition of certificates issued by accredited certification bodies within the IPC Management System Auditors scheme.


IPC Management System Auditors was developed to provide a standardized framework for certifying management system auditors worldwide. The scheme aims to ensure the competence and proficiency of auditors in conducting management system audits based on international standards.


The scheme identifies key competencies for management system auditors and establishes methods to demonstrate and evaluate these competencies. It takes into consideration the collective experience of IPC members and the requirements of industry and certification bodies/registrars.


‘We are thrilled to renew our MOU with IPC and continue recognizing the IPC Management System Auditors certification scheme under the IAF MLA,’ said Emanuele Riva, IAF Chair. ‘This renewal highlights our commitment to promoting the competence and professionalism of management system auditors worldwide. We are confident that this renewed partnership will continue to advance the quality and consistency of management system audits across industries.’


IPC General Secretary, Dr. George Anastasopoulos, noted that ‘IPC sets, since the 90’s, specifications and provides the standard and the framework for independent, recognized 3rd party certification, of Management System Auditors, under ISO/IEC 17024. IPC’s Management System Auditors scheme can be used by all PCBs that are accredited by IAF MLA signatories and are becoming IPC members. I believe that this is a major development that will widen IPC and IAF members’ family with PCB’s aiming to contribute to the goal of continuous improvement.’


About IAF:


The International Accreditation Forum (IAF) is a global association of accreditation bodies, conformity assessment body associations and other organizations involved in conformity assessment in fields including validation and verification and the certification of management systems, products, processes, services, and persons.


IAF promotes the worldwide acceptance of certificates of conformity and validation/verification statements issued by conformity assessment bodies accredited by IAF MLA signatories and seeks to add value for all stakeholders through its activities and programs.


About IPC:


The International Personnel Certification Association (IPC), established in 1995 as International Auditor and Training Certification Association (IATCA), is the world association of personnel certification bodies. Its main aim is to streamline the operating practices of personnel certification bodies, as well as the criteria they use for the certification of persons.


IPC promotes business improvement, through the recognition of individuals who, having demonstrated competence to internationally agreed industry criteria provide an effective contribution to business performance. The organization also aims to provide assurance to industry, through the provision of consistent, competent personnel performance worldwide.