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IAF Joins EU Transparency Register

14 Jul 2023

IAF is pleased to announce its official registration with the Transparency Register established by the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission.


The Transparency Register serves as a source of information regarding new legislations and policy developments, and will enable IAF to provide comments, recommendations, and ideas on upcoming legislative proposals.


IAF Chair Emanuele Riva said, ‘Joining the Transparency Register demonstrates IAF’s commitment to transparency. By being part of this register, we demonstrate our willingness to engage openly with EU institutions and stakeholders, fostering trust and credibility in our activities.’


Through its registration, IAF establishes itself as a trusted partner for EU institutions, regulatory bodies, and other stakeholders in shaping legislative frameworks that facilitate trade and the movement of people (in line with WTO TBT agreements) and promote safety, reliability, and sustainability.