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Introducing the New IAF Secretariat

17 Jan 2024

At the 2023 Joint IAF-ILAC Annual Meetings in Montreal, Canada, IAF and ILAC signed a multi-year contract with Axis Mundi Consulting LLC for the provision of IAF and ILAC secretariat services beginning 01 January 2024. Axis Mundi Consulting LLC will also provide secretariat services for GLOBAC, the single international organization for accreditation being formed by IAF and ILAC.


The role of IAF Secretary has been assumed by Victor Gandy, whose past service as Inter-American Accreditation Cooperation (IAAC) Secretary positions him well to manage the IAF Secretariat as IAF and ILAC continue working towards GLOBAC’s formation. The Axis Mundi team members include a combination of past IAF Secretariat members and new individuals who bring their own wealth of experience working in the field of accreditation.


The new IAF team includes the following individuals:




Victor Gandy

IAF Secretary


Victor is based in the United States and will be fulfilling the role of IAF Secretary.





Johanna Acuña Loría

IAF Arrangement Management Program Manager


Johanna is based in Costa Rica and will be managing all aspects of the IAF MLA and assisting with the IAF MLA Mark.





Mariluz Quirós López

IAF Program Manager


Mariluz is based in Costa Rica and will be managing the IAF Technical Committee.





Karla Sánchez

IAF Administration/Marketing Coordinator


Karla is based in Mexico and will be working with the Marketing and Communications Team assisting with content creation.




Nonhlanhla (Nyaki) Halimana

IAF/ILAC Administration Program Manager


Nyaki is based in South Africa and will oversee the Development Support Program. She will also address general enquiries.




Krista Eager

IAF Program Coordinator


Krista is based in Canada and will oversee IAF documents, and work with the Marketing and Communications Team.





Rick Parsons

IAF Chief Financial Officer


Rick is based in Canada and will be providing financial management, and support to the IAF Treasurer.






Laurie Davis

IAF IT Support


Laurie is based in Canada and will be providing IT support.






Steve Keeling

IAF Program Coordinator


Steve is based in Australia and will oversee membership and scheme endorsement applications.





The new secretariat team is looking forward to collaborating with all IAF Members and partners to ensure the ongoing success of IAF and a seamless transition to GLOBAC.


Contact the IAF Secretariat at iaf@iaf.nu.