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Publication of Resolutions from 34th IAF General Assembly

20 Nov 2020

IAF has published the Resolutions from its 34th General Assembly held on 05 November 2020.

As a replacement for the in-person Joint IAF-ILAC Annual Meetings scheduled to take place from 27 October to 05 November 2020, IAF conducted a successful series of virtual meetings. These included IAF Technical Committee (30 October), IAF General Assembly (05 November) and IAF/ILAC Joint Development Support Committee (11 November) meetings, and supplemented the many other virtual meetings held throughout the pandemic by IAF Committees, Working Groups, Task Forces and the IAF Board.


Following the General Assembly meeting, IAF member representatives voted on thirty-four draft Resolutions. The draft Resolutions were all approved, and are now available.


Resolutions from previous meetings are all available in the Resolutions page.

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