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September 2022 Issue of IAF Outlook

30 Sep 2022

IAF has published the September 2022 issue of its newsletter, IAF Outlook.

This issue of IAF Outlook includes updates on the IAF response to the increased use of digital technology and remote/innovative auditing methodologies, a paper highlighting the business improvement delivered by the certification process, and recent TIC industry efforts to fight counterfeited certification marks and documents.
It also features updates from the regions and stakeholders, notably on the new digitalization projects of APAC, the initiation of the voluntary third-party assurance concept in the Arab region, the new leadership of IAAC, EA’s recent publications and elections, and SADCA’s regional celebration for World Accreditation Day 2022.
Lastly, it includes updates from India and Italy showcasing the role of accredited conformity assessment in supporting gender equality and achieving sustainability and economic growth. It also introduces readers to the new ILAC/IAF Podcast series “Accreditation Matters”, which is available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts, and the IAF/ILAC YouTube channel.
The issue can be viewed here. We hope you enjoy this issue of IAF Outlook!