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Update on the IAF Database of Accredited Certifications (IAF CertSearch)

04 Nov 2019

Progress on the development of the IAF Database of Accredited Certifications (IAF CertSearch) continues, with development of the website and the all-important data collection.

IAF CertSearch is the global database where individual accredited certificates from around the world can be validated, and we in the process of building that database.


The IAF CertSearch platform has been built and is now receiving data from IAF, IAF’s Accreditation Body members (ABs) and their accredited Certification Bodies (CBs). Progress on data collection continues and as more and more CBs get on board and certificate details continue to be added, it will make IAF CertSearch the prominent single source to validate certificates.


IAF CertSearch continues to receive widespread support from a number of regulators and industry bodies around the world. Once IAF CertSearch is live to the public an official public announcement will be made by the IAF.


On this page you will also find links to useful material about the IAF Certsearch not only including brochures and guides but also presentations which can be used for briefing stakeholders.
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You will also find also user guide videos that will help Accreditation Bodies, Certification Bodies and Certified Entities (CEs) activate their accounts and upload data.


Videos (General DemonstrationAB OverviewCB OverviewCE Overview)


Brochures and Guides (User Guide Accreditation Body, User Guide Certification Body, CB Brochure, CE Brochure, CB Information Guide, Legitimate Interest Assessment & Summary)


PowerPoint Presentations (Introductory Presentation)


Letters of Support from Regulators and Stakeholders (IEA, NRCUNIDO, USDOE, QuEST,  IAQG, DTA, CONSIP, Clean Energy)

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