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Case Studies

Standards and accreditation can be a great asset in the toolkit of the public sector to meet policy objectives. Public Sector Assurance showcases how accredited conformity assessment is used by central governments, local governments and regulators to deliver positive benefits, allowing government officials and regulators to access case studies from around the world in key policy areas demonstrating how different tools are able to deliver results.

The site also contains links to independent research where conformity assessment is, and can be, used in policy areas such as:

  • Construction
  • Efficient Delivery of Public Services
  • Economic Development
  • Crime & Security
  • Environmental Protection
  • Energy
  • Energy
  • Health & Safety
  • Healthcare
  • Products & Services
  • Trade
  • Construction

With this information, those in the conformity assessment industry have more tools to engage in a positive dialogue with the public sector.

Case studies demonstrate how:

  • Governments can improve their own performance by the use of conformity assessment by their own departments
  • Governments can help improve the performance of businesses by encouraging the use of conformity assessment
  • Conformity assessment can help governments deliver policies
  • Conformity assessment helps regulators regulate

Supporting the needs of government, regulators and the public sector remains a core objective of the conformity assessment community. By setting out many instances around the world where the public sector has embraced conformity assessment to meet public policy objectives, the information on this website provides a means of developing and strengthening relationships with the public sector at all levels.