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WAD 2022 Poster Contest Winner

Congratulations to the first place winner of the World Accreditation Day (WAD) 2022 poster contest, Punyasorn Lumjuan, who was awarded USD 1500.

Punyasorn Lumjuan is a graphic designer from Bangkok, Thailand with a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Kasetsart University. She is a multidisciplinary designer who is inspired by space, graphics and environments to create her work.

What was your inspiration for your design and how does it illustrate this year’s theme?

With the concern of climate change, numerous performance strategies to improve problem-solving that certifications and standards may attain are greatly required. For this reason, it inspired me to present the worth of a certificate by imagining positive visual outcomes, including a balanced process of human welfare and a sustainable ecosystem.

The key to the poster idea is to include some of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Economic Growth, and the Environment concern, with a theme of realization of how every component can affect each other.

The spiral worldwide transformation represents the green leaf (source of nature), the blue form (stock and trade of economics), and the rising arrow leads to the top, which represents the ability to create a good outcome. It represents the outcome of food safety standards, which can be profit, and the method to effectively achieve company and worldwide expansion with the support of the SDGs feature.

Download the winning poster here.