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(From Technical Committee) Guidance on ISO/IEC Guide 66
The Annual Meeting resolves that the chairman of the Technical Committee be authorised to make equivalent changes to the IAF Guidance on ISO/IEC Guide 66, Issue 2 (including the 2 Annexes) as approved by members of IAF in November 2001 to those agreed in the Technical Committee for the above 2 documents arising from comments made by members of IAF attached to their votes, affecting Guidance notes G.4.1.17, G.4.1.35, G.5.3.10, G.5.4, G.5.5.3, G.5.7, G.5.8, Annex 1, Notes 5 to Table 1, Annex 2, 1.2, Annex 2. 1.3.1, Annex 2, 1.3.2., and submit the finalised document for publication by IAF for implementation by IAF members by 1 July 2002.   [Note - the revised "IAF Guidance on ISO/IEC Guide 66 Issue 2 " has been amended in accordance with Resolution 2001-33 and is available in the IAF web site for downloading by Members]
Kyoto IAF15-6.1