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IAF MLA for Accreditation of Certification Bodies for Persons
The General Assembly, acting on the recommendation of the MLA Committee, resolved to
  • - establish a MLA for accreditation of certification bodies for persons in IAF, noting that the MLA will be a part of the IAF MLA based on ISO/IEC 17011 and ISO/IEC 17024, as a framework MLA with specific Certification Schemes for Persons endorsed by IAF as sub-scopes; and
  • - to commence the peer evaluation for the MLA at the time of completing the revision of IAF GD 24 and the development of relevant requirements in the IAF Mandatory Document for the application of ISO/IEC 17011 as identified by the Technical Committee, to address the harmonized implementation of ISO/IEC 17024 and ISO/IEC 17011.
Sydney IAF21-8