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IAF MLA for Accreditation of FSMS
The General Assembly, acting on the recommendation of the Executive Committee, resolved to extend the IAF MLA to cover the sub-scope for accreditation of Food Safety Management System Certification Bodies, noting that
  • - the sub-scope will be a part of the main scope for Management Systems in accordance with ISO/IEC 17021 of the IAF MLA based on ISO/IEC 17011,
  • - the sub-scope for FSMS will be based on ISO 22000 as the requirements for certified organizations and ISO/TS 22003 as the requirements for Certification Bodies in addition to ISO/IEC 17021, which will be added to IAF PR4, and the Technical Committee will study the need for, and if found necessary, develop a specific IAF application document, and
  • - the MLA Committee will develop a work plan for commencement of the MLA peer evaluations upon the completion of the technical work by the Technical Committee.
Vancouver IAF23-8