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IAF MLA sub-scope extension to ICAO CORSIA
The IAF General Assembly, acting on the recommendation of the Executive Committee, endorsed the extension of the IAF MLA under the Main Scope of Validation and Verification – ISO 14065 to the sub-scope ICAO CORSIA Version 1 with ICAO CORSIA Environmental Technical Manual – Volume IV, ISO 14064-3:2006, ISO 14066:2011 as Level 4 Sub-scope and ICAO CORSIA SARPs – Annex 16 Volume IV as Level 5 Sub-Scope in accordance to IAF PL3 Policies and Procedures for the Expansion of the Scope of the IAF MLA.
  • a. The basis for this sub-scope extension is the recognition of ICAO CORSIA as a publicly owned (including regulatory) normative document.
  • b. It is noted, that the basis of the ICAO CORSIA is ISO/IEC 17011, ISO 14065:2013, ISO 14064-3:2006 and ISO 14066:2011.
  • c. For providing accreditation to Verification Bodies for ICAO CORSIA ABs must apply ISO 14065:2013 and follow the ICAO CORSIA standards: SARPs – Annex 16 Volume IV and Environmental Technical Manual – Volume IV.
  • d. For the harmonised application of ABs the applicable requirements in IAF MD6 and IAF MD14 shall be followed.
  • e. The basis for extension of Accreditation Bodies to the ICAO CORSIA sub-scope is a training of at least one AB verification assessor on the requirements of ICAO CORSIA by (an) ICAO CORSIA competent trainer(s). An in-depth document study of ICAO CORSIA documents is required for every AB verification assessor assessing ICAO CORSIA.
Singapore IAF32-10