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ISO/CASCO Clarification of Intent
The Joint General Assembly resolves that IAF and ILAC will take account of any published ISO/CASCO Clarification of Intent recognizing that while any ISO/CASCO Clarification of Intent is not mandatory, it is developed by a CASCO Maintenance Group comprised of experts that had participated in the development of the applicable ISO/IEC standard.   If IAF or ILAC disagrees with any published ISO/CASCO Clarification of Intent, consistent with the IAF-ILAC-ISO MOU, IAF and ILAC will initiate discussions with ISO/CASCO prior to publishing any new or revised IAF or ILAC document that may not be consistent with the published ISO/CASCO Clarification of Intent. IAF and ILAC request the same consideration by ISO/CASCO before publishing any new Clarification of Intent.   The Joint General Assembly further resolves to encourage IAF and ILAC members and their accredited bodies to take account of any published ISO/CASCO Clarification of Intent in the operation of their accreditation and conformity assessment activities.
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