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Membership of the IAF MLA Committee
The Annual Meeting agrees that following the Annual Meeting, the Secretariat of IAF will ask IAF members to confirm their member on the MLA Committee; members of the proposed Training Sub-Committee and the MLA Procedures Sub-Committee will be selected from those members; and, that membership of the Training Sub-Committee include regional group training coordinators as identified by the regions, and an ILAC representative, with the Chair of the Training Sub-Committee to be chosen from this group; and, that there be no change to the MLA MC membership at this time, except to fill the requirements of the existing matrix, which was not changed with the organizational restructuring.   [Note - The Secretary invited all Members to advise their Representatives in each of the three main Committees on 31 December 2001. Nomination of Member Representatives on each of the Committees close on 28 January 2002]
Kyoto IAF15-5.1.4.b