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New IAF EMS MLA Signatories
The General Assembly noted that, as a consequence of EA or PAC EMS MLA membership, the accreditation body members BELCERT (Belgium, EA), BMWA (Austria, EA), CAI (Czech Republic, EA), CNAB (China, PAC), COFRAC (France, EA), DANAK (Denmark, EA), ema (Mexico, PAC), DAR / TGA (Germany, EA), ENAC (Spain, EA), FINAS (Finland, EA), INAB (Ireland, EA), JAB (Japan, PAC), JAS-ANZ (Australia & New Zealand, PAC), KAB (Korea, PAC), KAN (Indonesia, PAC), NA (Norway, EA), NAC (Thailand, PAC), RvA (Netherlands, EA), SAS (Switzerland, EA), SCC (Canada, PAC), SINCERT (Italy, EA), SNAS (Slovakia, EA), SWEDAC (Sweden, EA), TAF (Chinese Taipei, PAC) and UKAS (United Kingdom, EA), have been accepted for membership in the IAF EMS MLA.   Note: The members indicated above for acceptance into the IAF EMS MLA signed the IAF EMS MLA at a ceremony during the IAF-ILAC Gala Dinner on 9 October 2004.
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