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New IAF MLA Signatories
The General Assembly noted the admission to the IAF MLA signatories, since the 2008 General Assembly, of Cgcre/INMETRO of Brazil for Product Certification and EGAC of Egypt for QMS as a consequence of IAF peer evaluation, and KAN of Indonesia (PAC) for Product Certification, STANDARDS MALAYSIA of Malaysia (PAC) for Product Certification and RENAR of Romania (EA) for EMS as a consequence of PAC or EA MLA membership. Note: Cgcre/INMETRO, Standards Malaysia and KAN signed the IAF MLA for Product, EGAC signed the IAF MLA for QMS, and RENAR signed the IAF MLA for EMS at a ceremony during the IAF-ILAC Gala Dinner on 19 October 2009.
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