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New Members
The Annual Meeting received the Secretary’s report (ref IAF-AM-02-012) on the admission to membership since the 2001 Annual Meeting of two new Accreditation Body Members
  1. KAS – the Korean Accreditation System
  2. TUNAC the Tunisian Accreditation Council
Three new Association Members
  1. APEDA - the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (India)
  2. AIOICI - the Association of the Independent Certification and Inspection Bodies (Italy)
  3. ALPI the Association of Independent Test Laboratories and Certification Bodies (Italy)
Special Recognition Regional Group
  1. SADCA - the Southern African Development Co-operation in Accreditation)
Two Special Interest Liaison Groups with Special Recognition
  1. QuEST Forum (North, Central and South America and the Caribbean
  2. ISO - the International Organisation for Standardization (Worldwide).
The Annual Meeting also noted the resignations since the 2002 Annual Meeting of CNACP – the China National Accreditation Council for Product Certification Bodies and GAMA – the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association (USA).
Berlin IAF16-5.3.3