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New Members
IAF Resolution 2003-11 – (Agenda Item 5.3.3) New Members - The Annual Meeting received the Secretary’s report (ref IAF-AM-03-005) on the admission to membership since the 2002 Annual Meeting of four new Accreditation Body Members:
  1. SA – Slovenian Accreditation
  2. NAA – the National Accreditation Association of DPR of Korea
  3. BMWA – the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs
  4. Labor of Austria and RENAR – the Romanian Accreditation Association
Three new Association Members:
  1. EFAC - the European Federation of Associations of Certification Bodies
  2. IFIA - the International Federation of Inspection Agencies and INN
  3. Instituto Nacional de Normalizacion of Chile for a 12 month period
The Annual Meeting also noted the resignations since the 2002 Annual Meeting of ABCB – the Association of British Certification Bodies (UK) and AEA – the American Electronics Association (USA).
Bratislava IAF17-5.3.3