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New MLA Scope Extensions
The General Assembly noted the MLA scope extensions, since the 2013 General Assembly, of the following IAF Members:
  • EGAC Egypt -Main Scope: Management System Certification -ISO/IEC 17021, and Sub-Scope, Level 5: ISO 14001
  • ATS Serbia – Main Scope: Management System Certification – ISO/IEC 17021, and Sub-Scopes, Level 5: ISO 9001, and ISO 14001
  • AA Austria, ACCREDIA Italy, ANSI USA, BELAC Belgium, CAI Czech Republic, CGCRE Brazil, CNAS P.R. China, COFRAC France, DAkkS Germany, DANAK Denmark, EMA Mexico, ENAC Spain, ESYD Greece, INAB Ireland, IPAC Portugal, JAS-ANZ Australia and New Zealand, NA Norway, NABCB India, OAA Argentina, RvA Netherlands, SAS Switzerland, SANAS South Africa, SNAS Slovakia, SWEDAC Sweden, TURKAK Turkey, and UKAS United Kingdom  for the GLOBALG.A.P. Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) Certification Scheme for Level 4: Product, General Regulations, and for Level 5: Product, IFA Control Points and Compliance Criteria.
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