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Non-Accredited Product Certification where the CAB is accredited for the same scope
The General Assembly acting on the recommendation of the Technical Committee resolved that IAF Accreditation Body members shall have legally enforceable arrangements with their accredited CABs for product certification that prevents the CAB from issuing non-accredited product certification in scopes for which they are accredited. The enforceable arrangements shall require full implementation within three years from 31 October 2018. Additionally, CABs for product certification must transition certification documentation to include the accreditation symbol and/or must make reference to the accreditation status of the CAB including the identification of the AB, no later than 31 October 2021. Note: If there is an exception to the above, the CAB must justify the exception to the AB, and if accepted by the AB, the certification is still considered accredited.
Singapore IAF32-9