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Peer Evaluation Reports
Acting on the recommendation of the former WG 2, the Annual Meeting resolves that PAC document PAC-DOC-023, “PAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement - Peer Evaluation Guidance on Completing Peer Evaluation Reports”, be forwarded to the MLA Committee for finalization as an IAF document and for circulation to Members for adoption by letter ballot as an IAF document. The Annual Meeting further resolves that the finalized document be forwarded to ILAC for use in IAF-ILAC harmonization discussions on common procedures.   [Note - the document “Guidance on Completing Peer Evaluation Reports”, with IAF reference number IAF-GM-02-001, was submitted to Members for approval in a letter ballot on 8 January 2002. The letter ballot will close on 8 March 2002. The IAF document was forwarded to ILAC also on 8 January 2002.]
Kyoto IAF15-6.2.3