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Proposed Task Force on Standards and Conformity Assessment
The Annual Meeting asks the Executive Committee to consider the suggestion by the ISO TC/176 Liaison Representative to IAF for the establishment of a Task Force in IAF with membership made up from Accreditation Body Members of IAF, ISO/TC176, ISO-CASCO, Certification / Registration Body members of IAF, Industry Members of IAF, Auditor recognition bodies, such as IATCA, Industry Sector groups (IATF, QuEST etc) and consumers. With terms of reference to monitor the credibility of ISO9001:2000 in the market place, to discuss issues of user satisfaction, to identify issues for interpretation or guidance, to encourage feedback from users and consumers, and to provide input to each of the constituent members of the Task Force for analysis and action as appropriate.   [Note - the proposed Task Force will hold its first meeting in association with the meeting of the Executive Committee in May 2002.]
Kyoto IAF15-8.2.1