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Peer Evaluation Process

Peer Evaluation Process

ABs are admitted to the IAF MLA only after a stringent evaluation of their operations by a peer evaluation team which is charged with ensuring that applicants comply fully with both international standards and IAF requirements. IAF, the RAGs and their AB members, invest significant resources to ensure and maintain the integrity of the MLA through robust peer evaluations. Each regional MLA/MRA undergoes regular review. The peer evaluation process is ongoing and extensive, covering all RAGs and their signatories in a regular evaluation programme.

The following table provides an overview of the evaluations conducted in 2021:

  • Reviewed Reports
  • Extraordinary Evaluations
  • Total Person-Days of Evaluation Effort

In addition, the following number of peer evaluations are in progress or planned for 2022:

  • EA: 13: 11 regular peer evaluations; 1 initial evaluation; 1 anticipated evaluation (from 2023)
  • APAC: 18
  • IAAC: 7 peer evaluations are in progress; 6 are planned for 2022
  • ARAC: 3 peer evaluations: 1 re-evaluation; 1 initial evaluation and 1 pre-evaluation
  • AFRAC: 2 peer evaluations: 1 re-evaluation; 1 initial evaluation
  • SADCA: 1 re-evaluation

IAF and ILAC jointly undertake evaluations of each RAG through teams of resources provided by other Regions. In 2021, the following regional evaluations were conducted:

  • APAC: Witnessing Testing (ISO/IEC 17025), Greenhouse Gases (ISO 14065), Inspection, Product
  • IAAC: Witnessing Calibration, Management System, Product, Medical testing
  • AFRAC: Re-evaluation for joint extension for Reference Material Producers (RMP) and Proficiency Testing Providers (PTP); witnessing Testing (ISO/IEC 17025), Inspection, Management System (witnessing EnMS), Product, RMP and PTP, Person
  • SADCA: Initial evaluation; witnessing Management System, Calibration, Testing (ISO/IEC 17025)