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IFS Broker

IFS Broker is the standard for auditing the service compliance of brokers, sales representatives, traders, and importers of food, household and personal care products, or packaging materials. The standard applies to persons or companies that typically do not take physical possession of the products. An IFS Broker audit assesses whether the intermediary has implemented suitable processes to ensure that the products of its suppliers comply with the legal regulations and the product specifications of its customers.


The standard covers senior management responsibility, quality and product safety management systems, resource management, planning and services processes, product defence assessment, and measurements, analysis, and improvements. It provides numerous benefits to companies, including improved business reputation, compliance with regulations, higher flexibility, more effective use of resources, and the ability to trade with customers requiring third-party audits.

  • ISO/IEC 17011
    • Product Certification
      • ISO/IEC 17065
        • IFS Broker, Part 1, Part 3, Sections 2 & 3 and Part 4
          • IFS Broker, Part 2