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IFS PACsecure

The IFS PACsecure Standard is for auditing packaging material manufacturing and converting processes concerning product safety, quality, and customer and regulatory compliance. The standard is applicable for the production, processing or conversion of packaging components and materials intended to be used as primary or secondary packaging in food and non-food products.


The standard covers senior management responsibility, quality and product safety management, resource management, operational processes, product defence, and measurements, analysis, and improvements. It provides numerous benefits to companies, including improved business reputation, compliance with regulations, higher flexibility, more effective use of resources, and the ability to trade with customers requiring third-party audits.

  • ISO/IEC 17011
    • Product Certification
      • ISO/IEC 17065
        • IFS PACsecure, Part 1, Part 3, Sections 2 & 3 and Part 4
          • IFS PACsecure, Part 2